Kent Equestrian Center – Chestertown, Maryland Portrait Photographer

My cousin’s husband has a business for training horses. He asked if I would come over to the Kent Equestrian Center and take some pictures of him with his horses Of course, I said! I had a lot of fun petting the horses and being around barns. Barns make for awesome photo shoots! Here are a few from that session.

< img src="Stomped!/delaware portrait photographer.jpg" alt="kent equestrian center" title="delaware portrait photographer.jpg" >

< img src="Stomped!/portrait photographer delaware.jpg" alt="kent equestrian center" title="portrait photographer delaware.jpg" >

delaware cowboy photographer.jpg

< img src="Stomped!/country portrait photographer delaware.jpg" alt="kent equestrian center" title="country portrait photographer delaware.jpg" >

horse trainer photographer.jpg

delaware horse photographer.jpg

horse photographer delaware.jpg

horse trainer delaware photographer.jpg

delaware maternity photographer (2).jpg

delaware family photographer (2).jpg

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