A Beach Proposal – Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Wedding Photography

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware Wedding Photography

I was photographing a women’s retreat last weekend and my friend Joyce and I decided to do an impromptu portrait session since she needed a new head shot. We were walking along the beach and out of the corner of my eye I see this couple hugging and kissing. I thought to myself ‘Did he just propose?’ Then I saw her hold up her left hand and look at her ring. He did just propose! I decided to sneak in a few photos of them celebrating before coming over to congratulate them.

After their celebrating I went over and introduced myself and asked if I could take some photos of them. They said yes, of course! I learned their names were Jenni and Bobby and later Jenni recounted the story of how it all happened. She told me she had thought something was up because Bobby had on his nice shoes!

In Jenni’s words: The day was perfect! We actually had planned to go to Bethany Beach for the weekend and on Friday when we were driving down and almost there Bobby goes “I have a surprise for you, we aren’t going to Bethany – we are going to the pink hotel!”. The pink hotel is The Boardwalk Plaza and is where I grew up going to the beach with my family, my sisters and I always called it the pink hotel because it is pink (of course) and we just LOVED it. I hadn’t been back in forever so it was so much fun seeing it again, nothing has changed!

The morning of the proposal we went to breakfast that morning at Victoria’s, The Boardwalk Plaza’s oceanfront restaurant and then went to take a look at the rooftop terrace at the hotel. I found out later that Bobby had the ring in his pocket then and didn’t know if he was going to propose then or not! The actual proposal happened when he suggested we take a walk on the beach before dinner. When he stopped me in front of the hotel, he got very nervous and started tearing up. I still can’t believe how fast that moment went by! Before I knew it, that little girl was congratulating us with the seashell!

boardwalk plaza hotel proposal

This little girl congratulated her with a sea shell, how sweet!
rehoboth beach engagement

rehoboth beach proposal

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beach proposal

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Bobbi Ritz - June 7, 2013 - 2:07 pm

This incredible couple is my daughter and her very special husband-to-be. Thank you for capturing their moment with such beautiful photos and feeling. She described the proposal to us but like the saying goes….a picture is worth a thousand words. And your pictures made her story complete. Thank you very much!
The happy mother of the bride.